Healthcare Staffing Inc.

Healthcare staffing company gets an online brand makeover, focusing on people and their unique value proposition. Immediately inundated with new business opportunities.

Wow! DPMG has the full skill set. We needed a major brand update to our site, integration with multiple systems. Both complex technology and powerful creative. Our new website really showcases what we are truly about, our people.

Don & Jeff are amazing to work with, exceeding our expectations. Quick, smart, client friendly. The entire process and outcome has been transformative. Just awesome!
— Kimberly Weeks-Grigsby

Beautiful Brand

As an outsource solution for healthcare human resources, we wanted to focus on the great people at HCS. We designed the site to look modern and new with large high resolution images, modern fonts, mobile and mobile responsiveness. We also wanted the HCS online brand to be friendly and inviting. Lastly we used principles of minimalism to create a streamlined navigation to easily find what your looking for if the user is looking for a job, or looking to augment/outsource staffing.

Mobile Friendly

With a majority of traffic on mobile, it was crucial to design a great mobile website. Great images, intuitive controls and clear organization. We minimized friction and taking action is always just a few easy taps away.


The Results

Increased new business inquiries from a few dozen to several hundred, over 1000%+ year-over-year growth in both job seekers and new client inquiries.