Amazon (formerly Graphiq)

When the creator of Google's Ad Engine hireS You to help their business grow revenue from new sources, you know it is a good sign.

Digital Performance Marketing Group provided strategic recommendations, results-focused email marketing and digital advertising.

Their collaboration and expertise contributed to our core business goals by significantly growing and diversifying our direct revenue.
— Kevin O'Connor, Founder (previously Founder/CEO of DoubleClick; now Google Adwords)


One of the biggest challenges in advertising is to successfully execute ad arbitrage. We tested, discovered and scaled new paid channels to bring millions of people to Graphiq's family of sites, where they instantly generated profit.  Leveraging new advertising technology and complex ad platform, this initiative became core to the marketing and growth of the company.

DESIGN Testing & Statistical Analysis

User engagement is a big revenue driver for Graphiq. We designed and implemented a design testing infrastructure and tested several concepts to show revenue growth. We tested exit intent modules, cross-story recommendations, user subscriptions, ad placements and many more. Once these tests were implemented, we randomly split users into control and test groups then analyzed the revenue impact of the design tweaks. We uncovered several direct revenue increasing opportunities which by nature are completely scalable to all users and act as a revenue multiplier.


The Results

Uncovered new channels and revenue multipliers through paid advertising and design testing contributing hundreds of thousands to revenue.

Subsequent to our digital marketing engagement, Graphiq was acquired by Amazon. Inc. acquired Graphiq, the  Santa Barbara data analysis and search engine company, to help improve its Alexa virtual assistant and other services as reported in the LA Times.