Dr. Lance Timmerman

Cosmetic Dentist in Seattle wanted his digital presence (a website) to match his prestige as an industry thought leader, while improving performance and mobile design.  

My previous marketing companies couldn’t handle me. I didn’t fit the mold of a template dentist. I needed something to distinguish myself. Now my site truly reflects my brand.
— Dr. Lance Timmerman

Beautiful Brand Delivered

Dr. Timmerman is known as a very knowledgable and helpful expert. He wanted this to come through on his digital brand. We delivered with hand-crafted patient galleries, conversational quote boxes from the doctor and informative pages detailing procedures and recommendations.


Mobile-Ready Delivered

Not all mobile sites are built the same. We provided a mobile site with great user-experience in mind. Tap and swipe elements follow the intuitive and most commonly used formats. Font sizes, images and layouts scale to be easily read and used on all devices. Contact forms are intentionally lean for improved conversion and functional use on mobile.


Performance Advertising

Google and Facebook ads precisely targeted using proprietary targeting techniques using audience attributes, statistical regressions and geographic proximity. New technologies like remarketing, real-time bidding and machine learning. Ad creatives focused on the types of cases he wants to grow and what he has found more traction with in his market. We deliver ads to strengthen the brand, reach more people and drive action.


The Results

Previous website had 90% bounce rate (visitors leaving without engaging), new site reduced bounce to 12%. Performance advertising yielding record-level new patients for high-end services (dentures, implants, cosmetics).